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Your emotions are boring you?

« Your emotions are boring you?

You say to yourself that you would have rather « manage » them? But the problem is: You don’t know how! So, you are lucky today because I’ll teach you the secret!

First you must know that all your emotions are your friends since 300 million years! You have to know that the first to appear and the more important is the fear, yes, the fear which increased the cardiac rhythm to bring more blood in the muscles, and run or fight against a predator !

Today we have developed a lot of emotions which all have positive intentions for us: fear, joy, sadness, happiness, etc. … 36 emotions which all of them increase our cardiac rhythm instantly!

So now that you know your emotions are good for you, welcome them, thank them warmly and breath quietly to make the cardiac rhythm decrease gently and keep on your way!

I wish you all the best! »

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